What Can you Do.

Okay, quick schpeal (sp?)~

[벤츠] 뉴A-CLASS A180 CDI 나이트 중고차 시세와 시승기를 알아보자! [올레카] - 블로그So there are some of us who have this desire to want to help others but sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of money and time it would take to help others who are in need.

Something simple, U2’s Bono has begun a new campaign entitled “Red”. Instead of just donating your money over to a charity or volunteering time in your busy life, he has designed a way for you to get something back in return. There is a line of products called “Red” which include t-shirts, cell phones, converse sneakers, etc. where if you purchase these products, half of the proceeds will go to buy medicine for people afflicted with HIV/AIDS in Africa. 150,000 people die every month over there from HIV. That is like having 2 World Trade centers go down every month, or a Tsunami Bebe every month. You can make a difference and get some very cool things in return.

Just go see the sight www.joinred.com and check it out. If you cant afford it, spread the word to others who can. There is no reason why there should be so much poverty and disease in this world. One billion people alone in this country live on a dollar a day. While the rest of us (including me) spend 5 dollars a day on a coffee.

YouTube commenter single-handedly disproves Quantum Mechanics, shows that the light spectrum is 4 colors, that Einstein was a fraud, rewrites the laws of gravity, and goes on to disproves E=mc^2, the Big Bang, the Apollo moon landing and tops it off by exBono also has the ONE campaign which is another amazing organization. Check them out. Help your brothers and sisters out.

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