Wedding Bells For California Gay Couples

However, this concept is open to debate.

Yes, I am aware the UDHR was a declaration (which we helped draft and support) adopted by the UN. Although it is non-binding, most American leaders support its articles. However, if you’re still not convinced a Universal Doctrine is applicable, we can examine more “relevant” sources….

Letras grandes para imprimir - PAPELISIMOThe human rights that are protected by our Constitution are vaguely stated. Examples of this would be life, liberty, freedom of expression, etc. Liberty, for example, is one of the indistinct rights that could be argued to include someone having to right to marry who they want. Alternatively, you can look at the same-sex marriage restriction as unconstitutional (which was what our Supreme Court ultimately did). Denying rights/benefits without due process is violating the 14th Amendment, and many proponents have drafted arguments concerning same-sex marriage bans that show this violation. Nationally, human rights exist because these norms are created by legislation or judicial decision. Thus, many can argue (with purported evidence) that same-sex marriage bans are a human rights issue. You can also argue with the various Human Rights resources that include same-sex marriage bans as a Ariana (simply click the next web page HR violation. I’m obviously not the only person who feels this way.

2.) I never said the majority of Americans agree with me either. If you want to look at the Gallop polls, yes, 56% of America does not believe same-sex marriage should be considered legally valid. However, the Gallop polls show that the agreement for same-sex marriage has risen since 1997. Also, it shows that support for same-sex marriage IS the majority in the West and the East; it’s in the Midwest and the South where the majority believes it should not be valid. It looks like considering my region, I am in the majority. Again, this article was about California. If you want to look nationally an amendment that would strictly define marriage between a man and a woman (and thus banning gay marriage), only 49% of America favors it. 48% is opposed. Hmm… a 1% difference. Shocking, I know.

3.) Yes, it can also be argued that the California Supreme Court has overstepped its boundaries on this issue… and of course, it is not the function of the judicial branch to create laws, but it is their function to interpret. Hence, deem what is constitutional and unconstitutional… which is what they did.

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