Unwind The Child In You

That little boy had no clue about life and he was dissected many a times with ceremonious joy and wailing moments of losses. In an acrimonious debate, he was coaxed to believe that life is a complexity of happenings, which cannot be comprehended in even terms. He thus could never establish a convenient relation with lifes’ complex oddities.

He resisted the invasive doctrines, those that had had been conveniently floated to disprove an alternative recourse to happiness and peace. He however questioned the validity of mournful existence of thoughts and therefore never grew into an adult, with adulterated impressions of time.

That little boy grew with the stillness of child in him. He could not detach himself from that innocence. He cultivated a unique parlance of growth but was never rewarded. Many biting instances of malicious accusation somehow left him high and dry. He cried but never gave up. The little boy had no desire to be deceitful to his childish innocence and refused to be a part of orchestrating the gimmickry of adulthood.

b9lach � o - Bing imagesAs a man he wished and prayed that others would join his magical world and never let that their childlike innocence disappear. He knew that knowing your child would enable you to connect with your soul and aliven your dreams and aspirations. The soul, which is chained and needs to be unshackled from unfound fears of life. To attain that freedom unwind that little child from the burden of fears. Once you do, life will sing for you. The innocence of child in you, is the gift of God. Unwind that little child in you.

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