Starting A Marijuana-Based Business

Many people go to an office job every single day dreaming of more. For many people, the idea of being your own boss and starting your own business is a tantalizing prospect. And for a certain group of people, the idea of starting a marijuana-based business is especially exciting. Several states have both made recreational pot legal and started regulating it, with more states expected to follow suit soon. Now seems like a reasonably good time to try to open a marijuana shop, regardless of whether or not you use the drug personally. Before you make the leap, make sure you can make at least a semi-educated leap rather than a blind dive.

Craft a plan

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It’s going to be tempting to start searching for a resignation letter sample so you can give your boss your two weeks notice. But hold off a bit until you can do some research and explore how viable running the marijuana business is going to be for you personally. First of all, do you have a record? A criminal record isn’t going to fly with most state licensing agencies. Take Washington State, where a felony record disqualifies you in the eyes of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, and too many misdemeanors can also do it. That’s going to disappoint some people, but it’s better to find out early on in the process before getting your hopes up.

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