Smoke And Mirrors, Fly Away Birdie

SMOKE AND MIRRORS…how times have changed. riginal

remote controlHate smoking but if other people wanton to, or too wanton, or found wanting then I guess it’s their final blow for independance and individuality. A case of got lung to go..or maybe not much longer to go? Spent six years in a truck passive- smoking with a guy who used to lock the electric window from his side for the first year or so…until I jammed a wood brace in the window as a subtle hint that I was feeling like a smoked clod. He used to tell me to stop inhaling and coughing as both of those bad habits annoyed him. Boss didn’t care. HE had half his intestines removed, one piece left aside to replace his cancerous windpipe. My puffer mate started to roll his own then he’d top up with the real deal in case his lungs got irritated by the sudden change and blowback reared its ugly head-butt. But it didn’t but.

My brother rang me a few days before he died to tell me that his oxygen bottle was interfering with his smoking and he’d rather be dead.

Anyway don’t mean to drag on…I was watching one of my favorite movies ‘Birdman of Alcatraz’ when the part where Burt Lancaster draws down on the little sick bird sitting on his finger comes up. He blows smoke all over the spluttering bird and says something like, “hey little fella what’s up my fine-feathered friend?”. I imagined the bird squeaking,”your bloody smoke up my clacker…that’s what’s up! This is a kill-free zone butt out Burt or we’ll all be dead before the picture ends”.

My brother was on an oxygen bottle in between smoking. He rang me the night before he died and told me he’d rather be dead than to be like he was.

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