Simple Advice To maximize Blog Seo

Silhouette Woman Tree Landscape Surreal SnThe truth is that it is not that difficult to make money with a blog and to get a lot of traffic. However, this is only possible in the event that you seriously consider using Seo and you take all the right steps to make your blog as Seo friendly as possible. That is actually the tough part since there are various misconceptions about blog Seo floating on the internet in articles that are written by people that do not know as much as they seem.

Stock Exchange, World Economy, BoomWhile there are thousands of words that can be written about this subject, let us focus on some simple advice that will have an immediate beneficial effect on your Seo rankings. Before we get to it, remember that you want to seriously consider working with a professional Seo service when you manage to get the available funds to do so. They are simply a lot better than you could be as a sole blogger.

Take advantage of Seo Plugins

The top blogging CMS systems like WordPress give you the possibility to add plugins to enhance blog functionality. This does include highly efficient Seo plugins that are simply must-haves in order to gain high search engine rankings. As an example for WordPress, you can always use WordPress Seo by Yoast as one of the top Seo plugins available at the moment.

Use Seo Friendly Pagination

Never use endless scrolling on a blog as it will definitely annoy your visitors. It is also something that does not have great Seo benefits. You want to be sure that you will create a suitable pagination system instead of adding everything to one endless page. The main advantage when you do this is that search engine crawl depth will be increased. You get more clicks on your site and the visitors will actually spend more time browsing through your content.

Use Related Posts

A key ranking factor is the time that the user spends on your site and how many pages are visited during a session. Adding related posts automatically increases both of these ranking factors. An extra advantage of taking this approach is building internal links between posts that are connected in one way or another. You would gain flow link equity and the strength of overall on-site Seo would be higher.

Properly Using Blog Categories

This is again connected to proper pagination. You want to have all posts organized in a way that is as attractive as possible and that puts posts that cover similar topics in the same category. At the same time, you want to highlight those categories.

As an example, if you have a blog about blogging, you want to have categories like Seo, Social Media Promotion, Writing Tips and so on. The small to medium sized blogs can easily have up to 10 categories that are covered. However, you want to be sure that all the categories are connected to the main topic of the site. A failure to do this would lead towards the blog not having a clear direction, making it unappealing for the search engines.

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