Romney Says, Sweater Vests Sign Of Apocalypse

There is truly nothing quite so entertaining to an atheist as the sight of warring Christian sects. It’s like there’s this Jesus character, but he’s embedded in an multi-player video game with an RPG launcher for every player. Total entertainment, though minus the first-shooter viewpoint. And you get to choose who the enemy is, which means everybody is eventually an enemy. What fun!

To watch months of these shenanigans, with each player trying to out-righteous the others, has indeed been a joy, but after a while, you become a bit numb. After all, soap operas with heavy weapons can get as tedious as another episode of Matlock after a while. And let’s admit it – what we really want is mass slaughter of the innocents, meaning in this case watching the players, er, candidates taking pot-shots at their own (presumed) constituents. Because that’s exactly what they are doing by trying to cut their opponents feet off with the sword of Damocles, when they each insist that it is their own interpretation of god and his political preferences is the correct, and only correct one.

One does have to wonder, of course, who’s going to do all the repairs once the dust settles. Because at this point, it really doesn’t look like their most-likely, the Mitt, is going to have much of a chance in the general Election with all the bad blood being spilled. On the other hand, this thing just might have a variation of the Herman Cain plot written all over it, with a slightly modified numbering sequence. I think it goes, 6-6-6. After all, what else would you do with all that blood?

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