No Extended Warranties

Glowing Candles Burn

Are they antiques, used objects, or just innocent men who got suckered into an oblivion of sexless nights?

Most importantly:
Can we test drive them prior to buying?
How about returns after buying them? 30 days?
Are all of his parts still under warranty?
If not, how can we fix it?
What if he has children?
Do you truly need another toy car up your ass?

For many of you… I didn’t think so.

There are so many thoughts when getting involved with a man with a past, specially if his past runs so deep. So do we simply neglect to view the obvious and decide to forget about that extended warranty? Or do we control the situation head on, walk away to cripple another innocent bystander, but this time, we walk them into the oblivion of nights filled with erotic, decadent sex?

Everyone is different.
Personally, i’ll forget the final Sale…
… I prefer the later!

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