Music Is Such A Personal Experience

I can see we all still retain a bit of the teenager inside. It’s refreshing to know that even the most stoic of writers and pillars of society, have these intense belligerent moments of mini-explosive emotions.

Glass jar full of walnuts and a nutcracker

Garry … Cooling out is a mode highly recommended for the soul of a writer. Thank you for your words.

Abc, Alphabet, Smiley, Letters, ReadLynda … I feel I may just have inspired you to paint a similar experience. Reading allows us to step within the frame and you manage to successfully bring your canvasses to life.

BusinessLife … Headsets are a way to tune-in to the airwaves of notes, that we cannot see with the naked eye. Music is such a personal experience. We all interpret it our own unique way.

Frank … You simply make me want to reach through cyberspace and give you the biggest Hug possible! The way you described the cold mornings in your shared attic room. The lack of a door to sound out frustrations. Thank you for learning from it and teaching your own children that your dreams for them did come true.

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