Man Plans, G-D Laughs

Free stock photo of music, rock, controls, configurationI pull on the blinds to peek out the window, a little cloudy but look like hope is near. I jump out of bed and start planning my outfit for the Sabbath lunch. I open the left side of my closet which is dedicated to Sabbath clothing and scan the colorful clothes before me. I spot my sister’s Juicy Couture baby blue dress with cute little gold buttons, perfect I think as I grab it out of the closet. I pair it with a white three quarter sleeve fitted shirt to wear under neither making the dress more modest. I then pull on some white heeled sandals and ponder which earrings I should finish the look with. I find gold thin hanging earrings which work well. I review my outfit in the long full length mirror leaning on my wall. “Perfect” I say smiling, this time out loud. I grab my key and was about to open the door to cross the drive way to my parents house when I noticed my bed looked nothing less of the result of a hurricane due to my tossing and turning night. Fine I think as I start the struggle to make my bed, it was never an easy bed to make because of the wood frame on the left side of it.

I finally finish and Boom I hear a loud noise from outside and again peek out the window; it was as if rain was being poured from buckets, seriously? You must be kidding I think as I picture G-D, laughing at me. I look down at my summer outfit and shake my head in pure failure. I hang back up my dress, fold my white shirt, place my shoes back on the rack, and hang up my earrings. I make my way back to the closet this time looking for a more winter look.

I grab a gray button down dress that hits right above the knee and right under the elbows. Eh good enough I say as I close the closet. I put on a black short sleeve shell and black shoes. I hear the rain stopping on the other side of the door and decide to make a run for it. I open the door to see wet floors and puddles but a perfectly blue sky with a few white clouds, beautiful weather. You must be kidding I laugh as I shake my head.

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