Lightness Of Being

What is good is light; whatever is divine moves on tender feet?: first principle of my aesthetics.


My appeal toward Isis Rodriguez work (“Glyphtoons” exhibited at Patricia Correia Gallery in Santa Monica, 9/06) could be for its “Lightness of Being” quality. What I mean is that traditionally painting has been a long process of underlays and overlays. The process is slow and has traditionally given us some remarkable results in terms of achieving depth.

But is this the only way?

In our searching and finding as creative beings to give the viewer another look, another perspective ‘eye’ find what Isis is doing rather interesting in terms of her Glyphtoons! Cartoons have always been a “light affair”. There playfulness, youth oriented perspective highlighted and exploited by Walt Disney has left its mark on our collective W3Schools (more info here unconscious. And as Isis has mentioned to me this new figurative mode can be revealing and fuel for the creative fire. Going back to “Dona Cien Besitos de la Noche”, I notice the absence of color. Color evokes emotion but in this piece the dominant black & white schema provokes thinking! Y los besitos en las alas. (kisses on the wings) Portals to other worlds, esenas (scenes) of dramatic events! What is it about high heels on the female figure which gives her such a “light” feeling as if she were walking on air. As if a reminder to us men of the transcendental realm! Ah, but she is a butterfly in her seductive pose. Ready for takeoff! She is an enigma. Of the air and of the earth. Or more precise a synthesis! Like the Pegasus she represents imagination! A powerful symbol to behold. A union of opposites! Like the foundation myth of Tenochtitlan/Mexico City. Of which the story goes the Mexica were to search for an island upon a lake in which they would find an eagle devouring a snake on a cactus. (note: Tenochtli=place of the cactus). Again; eagle symbolizing air and the snake earth. An attempt to unite what is above with what is below. And all this on top of a lake. Water which has always represented rejuvenation-rebirth! In Jungian psychology water also represents the unconscious. I say this due to the fact that the Spanish were trying to repress that side of us which is native-primal! And yet that part of us which is archetypal tends to pop up into consciousness.

La Virgin de Guadalupe is a perfect example.

Going back to symbol. In German the word symbol is Sinnbild, a compound which strikingly denotes the two realms on which the symbol partakes: the Sinn, or meaning, pertains to the conscious, rational sphere, the Bild, or image, belongs to the irrational sphere, the unconscious. It is this twofold nature which make the symbol the most faithful expression of the psychic totality. We are symbol weavers Isis. And as you develop your iconography-your philosophy I hope the journey is a fulfilling and revealing one for you.

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