It Didn’t Matter What They Sold

Putting the finishing touches together on a project I have been putting my life’s work into. Looking back at all the sales techniques I instrumented myself. Which ones worked for the majority of people I taught. How they moved through my teaching process and went on to be fantastic salesman. It didn’t matter what they sold.

펫윈도 - 리치독[로로독 O.치얼업원피스 cheer up ops_Red] - 네이버쇼핑There was a secret. I couldn’t teach someone that knew it all. They had there own sales techniques that didn’t work. I would pick up people that may have never sold anything in their life before. From that point they were mine to teach, manipulate these sales team to a team of excellence. It didn’t take me long either. Working with these people, it could be one or more than one. If they had the aim to sell, I could give them the tools.

Many that I have trained, they wouldn’t believe how this training was the basis of their own life’s work. They had the ability to move to what they had wished to do. That was earn money.

We didn’t just do the money dance, for many of them they were the solution. We had the solution for many people. I was giving away techniques for free. Fantastic, well they did work for me. Then other companies would like to hire or utilise my sales team. I would have Managers who I hand picked, some had never had a stable job before working with me. There self confidence was down, building their self confidence up was a plus.

Smashing sales, we were starting to put targets and achieve them. I found that many of them would set a ceiling and only work to the ceiling. I had to set the targets so we were striving and working with a touch of fun. It was motivating your team. Telling them how they could improve. Not telling them where they went wrong.

We didn’t have rules, we only had guidelines. It was basic principals, except I was having an elite sales team again and again working out of their own office, own area. It was reproducing this time and time again. Making a team where they could continue to get beter. Where they had a challenge and walk it in.

Smashing sales, was my slogan. It was what I did, what I could reproduce in others. Act and grow rich is putting the foot forward step by step smashing sales and perception along the way.

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