I Miss You Mama

I dedicate this to my adopted Mother, who was and still is the most important and influential person in my life. I miss you every day.

Sitting here in a haze of memories

My bowl filled with warm oatmeal

Brown sugar melting on it spreading

A puddle of sweetness for my mouth

Waiting for me to savor

Every last drop

Quenching my hunger…

This gift made with love

My angelic Mother smiling

Down on me caressing

My empty heart

Which still is filled in

Abundant wisdom

Bestowed on a needful child…

The fan is silent today

Fall bringing beauty

The air ripe with autumn

The sun trying to peek

Through the fluffy clouds

The whistle from the tea kettle

Singing it’s impatience …

My teacup waits

Impetuous longing

For the story to be told

Another time and place

Perfect acceptance I had never

Felt or known before Mama

Breathed new life into my

Hungry voided existence…

Sitting here a guardian

Of the past in remembrance

Cherished beyond any other

The answer to all my questions

The savior to my soul

A priceless heroine to

Life’s pains and sorrows…

You live and grow

In every cell of my being

Forever transposed within

Every breath I breathe

Carried forward to bring

Never ending benevolence

Taught through you…

I honor you with my life

The least I can give back

To one so noble and wise

My mentor gifted to me

When I needed you most

Directing my simple life

Closeup of man hands playing videogames on cell phone

Lived in your unending grace…

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