Criticism Of Pope Francis.

Bank number usa bills dollarThis post is written in response to an article (The head-Slapping Criticism of Pope Francis) written by Stacy Trasancos in the Catholic Free Press. In it she reminds the Body of Christ to stop publicly slapping the head of the Church.

Close Up Woman Playing GuitarEvery time Pope Francis speaks, the papers are filled with sensational headlines because he down plays many of the popular, hot issues like abortion and homoseuality. When did these issues become The only issue that concerns the Church? Yet when the pope reminds us that our life in Christ is so much more, these vocal, advocates become extremely angry, denouncing the pope as the anti-pope.

How ridiculous!

It seems to me that Pope Francis was appointed by God to remind the Church to come back to the basics, to our foundation in Christ. The pope desires to bring us into a balance in our spiritual life. Our first love, our focus is to allow God to love us, love Him in return and treat others with the same mercy and forgiveness as we receive from Christ. When a Catholic focuses solely on the evils of one issue, he is in danger of becoming angry, resorting to fighting his way, without Love.

Many of these pro-lifers are so focused on one issue that they have forgotten who they are as believers, as children of God, brothers and sisters of Christ, companions of the Holy Spirit.

Rather than attacking the pope, lobbyists should ask themselves, why they are reacting so vehemently. Perhaps Pope Francis is convicting them of their own shortcomings. Rather than taking the log out of their own eyes, they are searching for a speck of dust in the pope’s eyes. Yet here is a man who lives simply and joyfully, a man who lives out the gospel in real tangible ways.

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