And The Republican VP Nomination Goes To…Sarah Palin.

Okay, where do we begin? How about with the facts.

1)Yes, she is pro-life. Hillary isn’t. I hardly see how that connects.

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2) Yes, she is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. You also forgot to mention that she is, herself, an avid big game hunter.

3) The “A” of ANWR stands for “Arctic” not “Alaskan”. If you’re going to be picky, let’s make sure we get the whole story right. There is not a thing wrong with drilling in ANWR. The area proposed is just down the coast from Prudhoe Bay oil field. ANWR itself is the size of South Carolina and the proposed drilling site is along the coast and is the size of a small town. Your allegation lies about these facts just so you can keep clubbing the rest of the world with baby seals and polar bear cubs.

4) Yes, her husband works for an oil company. The company is called BP and he is a field manager. He’s not an executive. He’s not even in upper management. He’s a middle management grunt who has to work for a living like the rest of us. Your allegation is a fallacy at best and shows your ignorance of the facts.

5) Your contention of her being under investigation is dangerously close to being considered for the “trial by media” award right behind the Duke LaCrosse case. Thou shalt not convict someone in the media. Obama hasn’t won the election yet so Americans — even Sarah Palin– are still innocent until proven guilty. Can you prove that she fired the director of public safety because he wouldn’t fire the brother-in-law state trooper? If you can’t, then I suggest you keep comments like that to yourself.

6) I suppose you really do believe that there is no hope for women to move forward in this world. That’s a sad commentary Bryan (Suggested Online site) on you. I happen to agree that Hillary did make those 18 million cracks and I also happen to believe that Palin can break through that glass ceiling — and I’m a guy. I personally know women who believe that America should Never have a woman president. You call her “pandering”? If McCain had picked anyone else other than Palin, it would have been “the Rich Guys ticket” and you know it. After studying Palin, she’s actually a far better choice from that stand point alone. I do agree that in other areas, Mitt Romney would have been a much better choice, but America isn’t ready to elect a Mormon to the White House as president or vice-president.

7) Then you criticize Palin for her lack of experience. Even at 18 months, Palin has more management experience than Barack Obama’s 145 days in the U.S. Senate where he has not accomplishe one single thing. Palin has taken on tough politicans in Alaska politics and won. She has pushed every way she can to help America wean itself off foreign oil. What has Obama done? In a word: nothing.

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At least with Palin, America knows who she is, where she’s from and what she’s about. After almost two years of having Obama shoved down our throats by the whiny liberal media, nobody knows anything about Obama.

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