Advertising So Evil It’s Good

Don’t get me wrong – not for a moment do I deny that advertising is an important part of commerce. I didn’t elucidate too well previously, because I was simply commenting off the cuff. Allow me to:

The evolution of advertising as an increasingly invasive force is a terrible thing. Marketers will go to no end in finding new ways to penetrate every single part of your life for needs of consumption; and it only contributes to a culture of excess.

There was recently a news story floating around about a controversial billboard in New York that used special sound technology to broadcast something directly into your W3Schools (Full Guide) head ( In Los Angeles, all static billboards are being replaced by gigantic LCD screens which allow for more advertising space – not to mention the fact that the constant flickering images are highly distracting when driving on the road.

Advertising as a medium is spiraling out of control, and there’s no excuse for it. If you read up on the news, some marketing developments are really quite terrifying. I don’t know aboubt you, but I prefer to live a life without constant bombardment.

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