The categories are basically unlimited. You can customized your search or just graze the buffet. Done? Now the fun starts. Just click on the new little green Stumble icon at the top of your page and you will randomly be taken to a unusual page that fits in the perimeters of one of your Collection interests. Don’t like it? Simply click again and you have a new page of a different interest. It is totally addictive. It’s one of those, “Ok, just one more.”, only to find yourself you bugeyed and grogged out at 3:15 am, incoherently mumbling to yourself, “What the f***?”
Let me give you a short primer on the wonders of “Stumbling”. Here’s just a few examples from a ten minute learning session session today.
www.indek.com click on a country and see todays front pages of major newspapers in each Nation. How about a real world unhomogenized reaction to GWB’s next great speech?
There will be no more, “What does that mean?”, from me. I found www.poptranslator.com. Poof! There’s 50 Cent’s video, “Just a Lil Bit”, lyrics read in plain English by some mid America white bread lady. “So, that’s what he meant”, says I.
What were the Vikings eating before their typical mid afternoon rampage? Mystery solved, click on www.foodtimeline.org and get the most popular recipes of the time.
Are you ideologically confused as to what is the one true religion? Here’s a simple fix, go with the one that was here first. Try, www.improb.com and view the video, “The history of religion in 90 seconds”. This site offers “Improbable research that makes people laugh and then think.”
Traveling? Check out “Monty Pythons” Michael Palin’s marvelous treks at Palinstravels.com, or find that bed and breakfast, cabin or lodging at www.roadlodging.com. You might drop in at www virtualtourist.com, they claim to have 812,881 card carrying members.
How about trading your old worthless shit for some new worthless shit? www.zunafish.com. “Trade the stuff you are done with for stuff you want.” No, there was no ex-wife category.
Then, there are four of my personal favorites for today:
www.massivecorporation.com The mission; “We are a massive corporation, and we must continue to be massive and corporate”.
www.cultdeadcow.com. Don’t ask, I don’t have a clue.
www.despair.com, it features “The demotivators 2007 build your own calendar”, along with other demotivating devices.
And the winner for today:
www.velociraptors.info. The American Society for Velociraptors Attack Prevention, “The velociraptor season is here, are you prepared?
All this in ten minutes, be afraid, very afraid.

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