4 Best Strength Moves To aid In Weight loss & Diets

Different people try various methods to shed that unwanted body fat such like combining Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar combining Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar. Some try their luck at local gyms, some opt for regular yoga classes, and some prefer to go on a strict diet. Are you on a mission of losing excess baggage from your body, as well? It may so happen that going to the gym every day may not be possible for you. The best alternative for you would be to workout at home during your leisure hours. This way, you can easily reach your goal of getting back in shape.

4 Of the best Strength Moves to Shed Unwanted Body Fat

If you do some research work on some of the best forms of exercise to lose weight, you will get to know that strength moves help a lot in shedding excess body fat. Strength moves are basically compound forms of exercises, which target numerous muscle groups at the same time. This ensures that you get the most out of each type of strength move you perform.

Squat to Overhead Press: This type of strength exercise is beneficial for your butt, hamstrings, abs, quadriceps, and shoulder muscles. All you need to do is stand with your feet at shoulder-width apart from each other and your elbows bent slightly. Hold 5-pound weights in each hand at shoulder height and with your palms facing forward. Get down in a squat position and slowly rise up. At the same time, bring both the weights above your head.
Single Leg Dumbbell Row: This workout is good for your abs, shoulders, quadriceps, back muscles, biceps, and hamstrings. Hold a 5 to 10-pound weight in your left hand and stand straight. Slowly, bend the upper torso forward till it is almost parallel to the ground. At the same time, rest your right hand on a chair for support. Then extend the left hand towards the ground and lift your left leg till it is at the same level as your upper torso. Gradually lower the weight until it is at level with the upper torso.
Step-up with Bicep Curl: This form of strength workout is good for your hamstrings, biceps, quadriceps, abs, and butt. In order to perform this exercise, you will have to place your left foot on a step or a strong bench. Hold a 5-pound weight in both hands. Slowly lift yourself up with your entire body weight on your left foot. Stand on the step and bring up your right leg so that your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Curl the weights towards your shoulders.
Dolphin Plank: This is beneficial for your shoulders, abs, and back. Lie down on the ground in a plank position. Remember that your belly button should be pulled towards your spine and your forearms on the ground. Breathe in while you lift your hips up in order to form an inverted V.

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